Dr. Sylvie, the co-creator of Foot Fairy, is a Beverly Hills podiatrist and mother of two beautiful daughters.

She is the founder of Dr. ShoeMom® (www.drshoemom.com), a website that recommends shoes for children and moms that meet Dr. Sylvie’s standards for comfort and style, as well as providing other helpful information regarding kids’ feet. Dr. Sylvie is also the founder of Planet Flops® (www.planetflops.com), which offer the most incredibly comfy and eco-chic flip-flops for children and adults.

Dr. Sylvie graduated from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. She completed her residency and surgical fellowship in New York before moving to California.

Dr. Sylvie is actively involved in her kids’ schools, including the PTA and as chairwoman of the Green Committee, and Girl Scout troop. She is an avid hiker and can be found every day hiking with her dog, Holly, in the hills above Los Angeles.

Nicole is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice. Her most notable accomplishment, however, is being mother of four vivacious children ages 4-11. She is keenly aware of the stress and frenetic lifestyle associated with being a mom today and it is her passion to try to help moms simplify their lives and focus on enjoying activities with their children as opposed to checking off lists and getting errands accomplished. She is extremely excited to have helped devise Foot Fairy which fits into her overall philosophy of eliminating unnecessary stressors in a mom’s life.